Sometimes, less is more. Yum! Brands’ innovation team wanted to launch an international fast-casual model with a simple offer — chicken, fries, and frozen yogurt — so it partnered with Big Red Rooster to bring the straightforward fast-casual restaurant design experience to life.

Rapid ideation and concepting led to the new brand’s identity: Super Chix. Our team worked with Yum! Brands to extend the new identity across brand experience touchpoints. Bold environmental graphics set the tone at the front of the house and continue throughout the customer experience. From menu boards and packaging to interior and exterior design, Super Chix exudes a bold, lively aesthetic.

Yum! Brands opened its first Super Chix test location in Arlington, Texas in early 2014 and received positive consumer feedback for its inviting atmosphere and simple, delicious fare. The concept is intended for rollout in international markets.