Russian retailer Tvoy Dom, which translates to “Your Home,” gives big-box retailing a whole new meaning. With each store totaling more than 750,000 square feet, Tvoy Dom provides goods that meet consumers’ endless needs: from furniture and landscaping materials to groceries and seasonal items.

When Tvoy Dom realized that navigating its widespread stores proved difficult, the retailer called on Big Red Rooster to create a cohesive retail design and shopping experience. Our team worked with Tvoy Dom to refresh its brand identity, realign departments, define aisles, set design guidelines, and establish a graphic wayfinding system.

Our team started the project by refreshing Tvoy Dom’s identity, enhancing brand personality and impact. We then carefully planned the customer journey, moving and reconfiguring departments to provide clarity and product inspiration. Efficient, repeatable systems made it easy to allocate space across multiple store formats.

A new wayfinding system, which is supported by a consistent departmental communication system, guides shoppers through Tvoy Dom’s vast stores. Large tree graphics serve as transition zones, encouraging shoppers to move throughout the location.

The new design simplified wayfinding across Tvoy Dom locations, supporting a seamless customer journey and improving the shopping experience.