When friends and former McDonald’s executives Tom Dentice and Ed Rensi decided to create a high-quality, fast-casual burger concept, the duo partnered with Big Red Rooster to devise the brand identity and embody the brand in the restaurant design.

We kicked off the process by crafting a restaurant name and brand identity. We then designed a dining environment that embodied the brand and elevated the fast-food experience. The design team aimed to create a distinctive yet relaxed restaurant design that made guests feel at home. We set the tone with high-impact orange tiles, warm wood wall coverings and fixtures, and a cozy fireplace.

One size doesn’t fit all, so we created various seating options to fulfill every diner’s unique needs. The chef’s table provides additional seating while allowing diners to view the open kitchen. Soft seating was strategically placed near the fireplace to encourage guests to linger and experience the space. Rounded banquettes give an old-school steakhouse feel while increasing seating capacity. Our team utilized digital menu boards as an effective way to showcase Tom & Eddie’s unique menu items and highlight the restaurant’s community involvement.

After successfully launching its first restaurant in Lombard, Illinois, Tom & Eddie’s extended its experience to several Chicago-area locations.