We leverage our expertise in user experience design to understand and embody the future vision of an asset.

Real estate is a dynamic catalyst to activate brand engagement. Your portfolio serves as a powerful platform to communicate the mission, vision, values, culture, and brand of your organization. We help our clients understand and enhance the employee journey – the path from recruiting to hiring, performing, and retention – through research, strategy, and design consulting. The result is a stronger competitive advantage that integrates internal and external positioning.

The workplace plays a key role in driving employee engagement, and ultimately business performance. Big Red Rooster has a legacy of creating powerful brand experiences in the marketplace with leading retailers and CPG companies. We’ve turned that same experience model to the workplace to leverage real estate as a tool to activate business growth.

Giving Investors a Competitive Advantage

In the hyper-competitive real estate market there are many triggers such as a major vacancy that demand investors activate the unrealized value of property. We work to reposition and redevelop assets to improve the attraction and feasibility to new tenants and increase retention of existing tenants. Serving as the integrator between tenants, their associates, and the investor, Big Red Rooster leverages our expertise in human experience to understand and embody the future vision of an asset, working to translate that vision through physical space.

At Big Red Rooster we understand brand and how to create meaning and a sense of place with an existing asset. By improving the perception of the building, our work seeks to understand the competitive real estate landscape and positions the asset to be differentiated in the market, increasing rental rates and NOI, increasing renewals, lease rates, and tenant satisfaction

Place making for Real Estate Developments

Environments shape how people live, work, and play. We are a powerful integrator that creates a single vision for a development, and have the expertise to align the range of brand touchpoint to that vision to ensure a strong and differentiated position in the market. We partner with leading real estate developers to define a human-centered approach to the planning and design of real estate developments. By first setting the strategic vision for what’s possible, our team creates the brand positioning that drives differentiation and purpose in the market. Our process ensures that market demographics drive decision making creating the optimum platform for user engagement.

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