Mars Drinks, a global leader in workplace drink solutions, came to us with a big challenge—to change the conversation about workplace drinks, showing employees and decision makers everywhere that “office coffee” can be so much more—helping to support a vibrant, engaging and productive work environment.

We were up to the task. So we grabbed our coffee cups, loaded up on caffeine, and went to work. After conducting in-depth market research and more than a few late-night brainstorm sessions, we crafted a campaign that we knew would get the conversation going and separate the Mars Drinks brand from other office-coffee competitors.

Rethink The Daily Grind.™

It’s a tagline. A rallying cry. An invitation to think differently about workplace drinks and what’s possible during the workday in general. To bring the idea to life visually, we created a transformation—a fun before and after showing how workplace drinks can help support a better, more energized workday.

We launched the campaign in April of 2015 through print, web, outdoor and social media. We also hit innovative channels like Pandora® online radio (for all of those office listeners) and Boingo® airport wi-fi (for all of those business travelers) to further reach our target audiences. Key launch cities included Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The campaign has created quite a buzz, and we’re excited to watch the conversation grow. Soon, we’ll be extending the campaign to global markets and key distributor sales tools, continuing to build awareness for all of Mars Drinks’ offerings, from their innovative brewers to their full line of drinks including coffees, teas, espressos and hot chocolates and more.