L.L.Bean partnered with Big Red Rooster to help define their retail vision as they expand into new markets. The challenge presented was to embody the brand in a smaller, 15,000 square foot store model, while communicating the full L.L.Bean assortment of products. The design would serve as a growth platform that could be used to systematically develop a repeatable store development process for the brand.

The Big Red Rooster team went through a deconstruction process to establish the baseline for the exterior and interior design, merchandising, fixtures and a graphic communication strategy. This process highlighted that each L.L.Bean site opened is unique and works against having a prototype that can be consistently applied. Red Rooster designed a kit of parts that can be applied to future stores, which provides consistency and meets budget expectations, taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities at each site.

The design focused on bringing to life a brand that originated in catalogs and has an assortment that is highly item driven. The merchandising strategy and fixture design supported key items, core products and classic collections. The merchandising technique and graphic system creates opportunities for seasonal color statements. These seasonal takeovers create a canvas, which pull together a huge visual statement with visual, product and messaging.