GNC is shaking things up and renewing their commitment to a healthy brand that’s built upon a strong company culture. With newly developed brand vision and values, GNC reached out to Big Red Rooster to introduce the significance of the change and reconnect with its employees. Stakeholders throughout the company were involved to ensure a unified approach to two corporate events and headquarters’ revitalization.

Big Red Rooster turned the first event into an immersive experience, carefully scripting the journey to bring executives and employees together. Pittsburgh’s Byham Theatre was decorated with balloons and banners that created anticipation, while photo ops engaged employees in activity. The vision and values were introduced in an inspirational video that generated a strong emotional response, leaving everyone feeling respected and onboard with GNC’s new direction.

Through visits to GNC’s headquarters, Big Red Rooster identified key areas for maximum transformative effect. We replaced the black and white imagery around the office with natural photography and cues from the company’s focus on overall wellness. New seating areas signaled welcoming places to gather. In addition to many other environmental transitions, a history wall was created to showcase GNC’s heritage and growth.

Held at the same theater, Big Red Rooster designed an engaging experience to celebrate GNC’s 80th anniversary. As employees walked from the headquarters, executives greeted them along the way holding signs with fun facts from GNC’s history. Décor, messaging, photo ops with vintage photos and props, and 30’s era music created a nostalgic experience that paid homage to heritage, while looking forward to the future.

Big Red Rooster is currently implementing their environmental transition throughout the GNC headquarters.