Tradeshow marketing presents its own unique set of challenges. Exhibitors set up their booths amid a sea of competition, seeking to offer a eye-catching brand experience that gains tradeshow floor market share. And ultimately, the booth must support the heart of the tradeshow experience: human interaction.

adidas isn’t new to the tradeshow marketing arena, but it knew it wanted to step up its exhibit game. So when the global brand sought to create an engaging brand experience at the Campus Market Expo (CAMEX,) it collaborated with Big Red Rooster to amplify the tradeshow experience.

Grounded in retail and exhibit realities, we designed the desired experience and brought the tradeshow booth to life. The team paid close attention to traffic flow, allowing exploration and interactivity while providing areas for private conversations.

The end result? A tradeshow booth that supported storytelling and merchandising while meeting budget requirements. Large graphics, interactive technology and a bold entryway beckoned exhibit attendees inside.