COREtec invented 100% waterproof core flooring – giving homeowners the look of real wood and stone, with the durability of a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) solution. Company growth was swift. Yet while specialty and big box retailers were having success reselling COREtec floors to consumers, COREtec realized there could be an even more compelling opportunity to differentiate from the competition and build a recognized consumer brand – selling direct to the homeowner.

Extensive research was done on today’s floor buyer – with a special focus on Millennials. Findings showed these buyers are reluctant to venture into product showrooms, don’t like to be “sold,” and are quite comfortable DIYing projects in their own homes. To connect with this consumer, COREtec would need to do more than just offer a great flooring product. This audience demands a great experience throughout the purchase and ownership journey.

We wanted COREtec to stand apart by building on the company’s passion as an inventor and category disruptor. We started with the truth that COREtec is “an original” and built a brand persona that celebrates the original style of every homeowner, while celebrating the benefits of COREtec’s original 100% core technology. Our approach went well beyond messaging; we helped COREtec re-invent the floor buying experience to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Inspired by breakthrough brands like Casper, Dollar Shave Club and AirBnB, our efforts included:

“What’s in Your Core” Brand Campaign:
Our brand campaign celebrates the uniqueness of every homeowner – and tells the story of how our CORE technology delivers a style you love and a look that lasts. The campaign connects the brand with buyers where they are most comfortable, across digital and social channels.

Mobile-first, E-Commerce Website:
To connect with the growing mobile consumer, we created a mobile-first website that offered easy tools to help consumers buy COREtec – from initial inspiration to purchase to installation and warranty registration. E-commerce capabilities made the site an industry leader, allowing homeowners to handle the purchase process online.

With a heavy focus on analytics, our campaign includes geo-targeting, audience segmentation, A/B testing of digital assets, targeting and re-targeting based on website behavior. For the first time, COREtec will gain a concrete understanding of who their consumer is, and will be able to create ongoing communications that resonate and drive continued brand engagement. Following the launch of the new website, we will continue building out the COREtec brand through full-scale advertising, PR and events.

By attracting the DIY Millennial consumer, COREtec created an entirely new revenue stream – reaching consumers who were never going to shop through COREtec’s established retail channels. And while the majority of sales will continue to come through retail for the time being, by creating the industry’s first direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform, COREtec is hedging its bets and diversifying its business, and revolutionizing the industry.