Posted: February 21, 2012

Big Red Rooster retail designer receives industry award

In the age of a global, omnichannel, ever-changing market, it takes strategic, innovative thinking to drive retail forward. Our industry relies on young talent to deliver the innovative strategies and concepts that shape 21st century shopping experiences.

Visual Merchandising and Store Design Magazine (VMSDdeveloped its Designer Dozen awards to celebrate the best and brightest young designers in the retail industry. We’re thrilled to announce VMSD honored our very own Retail Designer Jenine Monks as a 2012 Designer Dozen recipient.

Jenine, who works in Big Red Rooster’s Columbus Office, was nominated due to her ability to deliver award-winning, innovative work that drives sales, creates new brands and environments, and reinvigorates existing spaces and dormant brands. VMSD’s editors and Editorial Advisory Board chose her as a finalist.

“Jenine’s consistent ability to create inspirational, brand-relevant environments that transcend time and space differentiates her from other young designers,” Big Red Rooster President Aaron Spiess said. “Her keen eye for color, texture, and space transcend beyond her years.”

Her recent client projects include Russian retailing giant Tvoy Dom’s store designs; American Express’ global installations; White Castle’s brand-in-brand concepts; Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Hardware & General Store brand experience; and healthcare design for OhioHealth and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Jenine will be featured in VMSD’s March issue, and she will be honored during the the VMSD Designer Dozen Awards Bash in Las Vegas on March 1.

Jenine Monks | Headshot 2

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